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DataCracker and SurveyMonkey Combine Powers with New Integration

We are excited to announce that we have now integrated DataCracker with SurveyMonkey. This means that it is easy to use DataCracker to analyze your SurveyMonkey data.

SurveyMonkey is the world’s largest online survey tool. They help millions of users create and publish online surveys in minutes. Creating and sharing surveys is a breeze in SurveyMonkey. Until now though powerful and automated statistical analysis and the creation of insightful charts, tables and word clouds was not easy to do.

With the joint capabilities of SurveyMonkey and DataCracker you will be able to dig deeper into your data and share the hidden insights from your survey responses via automated reports.

When you connect DataCracker to SurveyMonkey you will be able to:

  • Seamlessly import your SurveyMonkey surveys into DataCracker:  Find the hidden insights in your data.
  • Identify statistically interesting results: Automatically highlighted with colours and arrows.
  • Create tables and charts that are summarized in words you can understand: So you don’t have to be a stats guru to work out what the data means.
  • Chop and change your data: For example, simply drag the “Age” categories of “Under 18” and “18-24” together to make a “Young” segment.

Want to see how it works? Check out our how-to video below as we walk you through the steps.

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