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Using Market Research: How To Analyze Survey Data Test and Refine Your Business Idea

shoppingBefore spending thousands of dollars on developing a product and committing to months of exhaustive customer acquisition strategies it is worthwhile hedging your bets and learning how how to analyze survey data , use basic market research to test and refine your idea. A useful strategy to implement at the idea conception stage is concept testing. [Read more…]

Diagnosing Customer Experience Problems with Market Research (and Doing It Economically)

Diagnosing customer experience problems with market researchYou have a suspicion that something is wrong.  Sales are going in the wrong direction. You are hearing the odd complaint.  The vibe is generally bad.  But how do you work out what the real problem is?  And indeed, how do you work out if you really do have a problem? [Read more…]

Introducing DataCracker

Data analysis software that everyone can use.

DataCracker is a new web-based survey analysis tool that makes it easy for anyone to find and share insights from their surveys.

DataCracker was built on the idea of democratizing data analysis. We set out to build data analysis software that everyone can use.

There are many excellent online tools for collecting survey data such as Survey Monkey and Survey Gizmo but they lack the powerful statistical testing, segmentation and predictive modelling tools found in DataCracker.

At the other end of the spectrum there are statistical programs like SPSS and Wincross. These programs are very powerful but they are overly difficult to use. Most time-conscious professionals and entrepreneurs do not specialise in one field like market research. It is not feasible to pay for and learn to use software like this for a one-time research project. DataCracker is the easy solution to finding insights from your survey data.

You can sign up or learn more about DataCracker here.